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Kevin did an excellent job with our bathroom floor.  I tried to put it in myself and failed miserably.  Kevin’s experience got the work done right.

Couldn’t believe how fast they got our carpet installed. Very professional and very pleasant.  Our heat was broke and I tried to reschedule because I felt bad having them work in the cold house. Kevin was so nice, he still came out and got the work done in the cold.

Kevin did a fantastic job in our kitchen.  Thank you Flooring Fashions

I highly recommend considering Integrity Flooring Fashions for your flooring needs.  I used them to replace carpet in two homes and referred them to a colleague. It was a pleasure working with Kevin. He will visit your home to accommodate your hours and send larger samples so you can have a better sense how the flooring will look in your house. Pricing is typically better than big-box retailers for the same product. His installation team does a good job and treats your furniture with care.

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